Thrifted Bohemian Entryway

The thrift store Gods are LOVVVIINNG me this summer!!!! Or maybe I just thrift so often i'm bound to find a little treasure now and again (whatever it is ill take it!!) Anyhow, this is my makeshift entryway with items I've  recently picked up at my local thrift stores ! As you can probably tell by the colors I am currently obsessing over light pinks, pastel colors, natural woods and metals (Gold gets all the heart eyes)!!



I picked up this wooden clothing rack at my local Good Will and was overjoyed because I've been eyeing the Urban Outfitters wood rack over the past few months but didn't want to pay $100! I scored this babe for $10.


The next awesome find was this pastel vintage rug from a second hand store. I dragged Jake in the thrift store (its not his favorite place haha) because I hadn't been in a few weeks and within minutes I found this rug and knew I had to take it home! It really pulls the whole room together and I only wish I had it in a larger size!


This hairpin leg bench is also one of my latest builds and I can't seem to stop moving it around from space to space because it looks so cute EVERYWHERE!! I built it with a board from Home Depot that I hammed to make more rustic/ stained it a dark earthy brownnand then attached the black iron hairpin legs! I am thinking a hairpin coffee table in my future. What do you think about hairpin legs!?

IMG_8789 copy.jpg
IMG_8784 copy.jpg

Pillow: Target (Opal Collection)

Mirror: Hobby Lobby 

Train case: Check out my Train Case Makeover. 

Rattan Chair: Thrifted 

Cubbies: Thrifted