How to thrift the perfect Mom Jeans

One of the questions I get asked the most is how I always find such good mom jeans at the thrift store. I figured I would put together a little blog post with my best tips and tricks on finding high waisted denim! I find designer & vintage denim all the time for a fraction of the cost and I want to help you do the same!!

thrift the perfect.jpg
  1. Don’t get stuck on Size

    Nothing is ever really in the right section when you’re at a thrift store so browse every single isle. Don’t be afraid to look in the mens section because they have some of the best denim and it is always overlooked!! If their is a dressing room try things on regardless of the size. Trust me on this and you will be so surprised at what can work! All the really good vintage jeans all have funky sizing anyway!

  2. Look for Colors

    When I thrift I run my hand along the never ending rack of jeans and first pull options solely based on color and texture. I look for thick distressed lighter wash denim. I make sure they are highwaised and then I hold them up to my body to see if they are at all in the ballpark of fitting me.

  3. Vintage Denim for Your Body

    If you are on the shorter size and normally a size small Liz Claiborne Petite is what you should look for on the rack!! I feel like i’m striking gold when I find a pair because they fit my body like a glove. If you’ve got a booty and curvy thighs Calvin Klein Jeans are where its at lemme tell youuuu!! And then Levis are just an all around score for all body types (my go to denim always)!! TJMaxx also sells Levis on occasion so make sure to check there too!

  4. Don’t be in a Rush

    Thrifting can seem like a daughting task when you walk in and see piles upon piles of ratty clothes in front of you so go with plenty of time to shop! It does take time so just know that. I’ve taken many friends thrifting with me and often people get inside and within minutes feel discouraged and want to leave because they don’t see anything of value. THE GOOD STUFF IS ALWAYS HIDDEN!! Remember this is a hunt and it will all be worth it when you find that perfect pair of jeans that hug your curves for only a couple bucks!!

  5. Go Often

    I frequent the my local thrift stores (normally bi- weekly) and always find new things. If you don’t find what you’re looking for don’t fret, there is a constant stream of clothes hitting the racks so you never know what you’re going to find in the weeks to come! The more you hit up the stores the better chance you will have to find the hidden gems.

I hope this was helpful to anyone who is trying to stretch their budget and find some cute high waisted denim for bargain! If you’ve ever found denim at the thrift store comment your favorite brand to hunt for!!

xo, Lex