Craigslist & Cubbies

I am obsessed with these cubbies! I Have tons of shoes… and just random chachki’s (aka my moms favorite word for junk) everywhere and all the time  so these cubbies are as functional as they are eclectic .  I found this 8 ft 5 mid-century piece on Craigslist for only 100 dollars and its solid wood! When I saw them they reminded me of apothecary cabinets or mail cubbies and I just had to have them. The best part was the pick-up location was only a 5 minute walk up the road from my house.

This huge piece had large wooden doors on the front that I dismantled with a drill. I then lightly sanded and spruced this bad boy up with a little TLC and some good ole chalk paint. I especaillly love this piece because of its history and charm. All of the cubbies had names, stickers and carvings on them (pics below). I wonder who these people are now and where these cubbies have been…

Tips on searching for furniture on Craigslist/Ebay etc.

  • Solid Wood: You want something that will last and stand up to the elements of time and the weather (especially if you’re buying a piece for outside). Don’t buy something made of pressed wood if you are trying to sand it down to get a matte or chalk paint finish.

  • Check the region in which you are searching. Is the price of the item worth the drive it is to pick it up? Do you have to proper transportation for pick -up? ( I always think my car is a lot bigger than it is. )

  • Do your research! What is the value of your item. Is it really rare and inimitable or are you getting scammed?

  • Key words are KEY. Sometimes I have to go through 15 variations to find what I am looking for . Try words that are similar. People put stuff in all different categories and under all sorts of weird terminally ( chachki for example lol).

  • Don’t just look at the first image. You want to know exactly what you are getting so look through the photos and check for damage. ( If I wouldn’t have clicked on the second picture I would have never found out the ugly giant hunk of wood had adorable cubbies inside.)

  • Bargain! If you feel as though the item should be at a lower price when you see it in person don’t be afraid to negotiate the price. People are normally more than willing to bargain, specially if you offer cash.

  • Be safe and always pay in cash. I always bring a friend for backup just in case I encounter some wacko.

You can find good bones for projects anywhere! I’m that girl on the side of the road hauling random strangers “trash” into her car… (I’ve found my favorite projects on random side streets or near dumpsters).  I would also check local thrift stores, sale groups on Facebook and yard sales (I am a sucker for a good yard sale) .